How to Best Enjoy Parmesan Cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano – is known as the “King of Cheese”, a well-deserved adage considering the cheese’s delightful and distinctive taste. While Parmigiano Reggiano is a name reserved for cheese produced in specific regions of Italy, Parmesan is the domestic version of this amazing cheese. Italians, who first developed the all-natural cheese many centuries ago, have many ways to enjoy Parmesan, from pastas to eating it on its own. Take a look at some of the best ways you can enjoy Parmesan cheese – and all its many health benefits.

enjoying parmesan cheese

With just a touch of balsamic vinegar

A bit of balsamic vinegar is guaranteed to make your Parmesan cheese absolutely sublime. The best balsamic you can get for Parmesan is not actually vinegar, but grapes aged for years – the balsamico. True, it may cost a lot more but it goes so well with the cheese that you won’t regret it at all. Parmesan can be easily broken into chunks once you slice the wheel, so you can enjoy it right away.  

In pastas and soups

Aged Parmesan is noted for its wonderful complementary quality when included in pastas and soup. Because of the cheese’s unique taste and umami or savory quality, each dish is considerably improved in taste. Italians have used Parmesan as a great flavor enhancer in pasta dishes and soup servings. Whether grated or in chunks, Parmesan in your dish will surely make for an extra satisfying meal. If you decide to have grated cheese, make sure to do it fresh for the premium flavor.

Parmesan with fruit

Aged Parmesan goes great with a selection of fresh fruits, such as pears and apples. It also goes excellently with dried fruits and any type of nuts, such as figs, walnuts and hazelnuts. Dried plums are also a good option.

With fish and meat

With Parmesan’s wonderful flavor, you can offset the taste of any main course in the kitchen. One of the ways you can best enjoy this cheese is with fish or meat, such as roast beef with a little virgin olive oil. Red wines are a great idea for pairing with these.

Tasty aperitif

The distinctive taste of Parmesan cheese will go very well as an aperitif. You can serve it in bits together with fresh and raw vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes and celery. You can choose to balance the taste with chutney, then served with dry white wine.

With fresh vegetables

Parmesan, with its unique flavor and natural properties, is used in many traditional recipes as an essential ingredient. That said, it is also a popular addition with fresh vegetable salads, preferably with a touch of olive oil, extra-virgin.

Experiment with different everyday foods

Whether you’re just ordering pizza, making your favorite soup, or enjoying your take-out fries or burger, there’s no reason you can’t add more zest to your food. Sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese atop your food and get ready to have an extra bit of delicious satisfaction.

Parmesan cheese is famous for enhancing the flavor of any food it’s paired with. You’ll never go wrong with that. With these cheesy food ideas for best enjoying Parmesan, you’ll be ready to satisfy your hunger and enjoy delicate flavors.